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Monday 13 Nov 2017 [9:24]
Function Room , New Crosshands Working Mens club , address 41 Llandeilo Rd, Cross Hands, Llanelli SA14 6RD. Please check Final results Table for Trophy positions.If your name is in the box below the points table , you have a trophy / prizemoney award.
Tuesday 31 Oct 2017 [17:01]
Apologies to all club members , we have had to make a final decision on running our last planned event of 2017. The damage sustained at RD5 of club champs has not had a chance to dry out and be levelled off for further use this year.
Thursday 14 Sep 2017 [22:34]
First revision of final standings of the 2017 Champs , please remember that Youth must have entered 4 from 5 rounds to qualify , Adults 3 from 5 rounds. Youth prizes go back to 6th , for qualifying riders , Adults back to 5th. Any errors , please inform.
Monday 04 Sep 2017 [10:51]
Current points table for the Championship , only one round to go to gain extra points towards the championship. Updated to Rev 2 , Total points shown for riders who can qualify for the championship , providing they race on 9th Sept.
Wednesday 16 Aug 2017 [11:08]
Current points table after rd3 of championship Note: NR ,non club members do not earn points for the championship. Further Corrections after comments received.Thank you.
Monday 17 Jul 2017 [10:10]
Results after RD 2 of the 2017 championships. Please check and let me know of any mistakes via Facebook page. Thanks. corrections made to MIDI 50 , SUPER50 points table.
Thursday 25 May 2017 [12:03]
No names populated yet , check your race number for race positions. Points awarded from 1st > 8th , 12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1,. Thanks. Second version after correction to MINI 50 class. Names now added.
Wednesday 28 Sep 2016 [9:49]
Total of points for riders after the 4th round of Summer Champs. NOTE: Riders must have entered 3 out of the 4 rounds to qualify......many riders only entered 1 or 2 meetings, therefore DNQ.
Monday 19 Sep 2016 [12:41]
Second draft of Summer Champs points after the 3rd round on 10th Sept. Riders names are now added .Please check and message any queries on the Face book page. Thanks.
Friday 19 Aug 2016 [8:26]
points after RD2 of Summer Champs , No names populated yet , Points awarded from 1st to 8th place , 12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1.
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